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Posted by Elena Olinevich

9 September, 2016 - ,

Hello Maja Friends,

so many newborns are coming these days. So I decided to make baby books for their mothers, so that they could keep the records on how their babies grow. Unfortunately theu grow so rapidly and fast that you think you will remember this special newborn’s smell or their tender fingers for years, however the time passes and oopps, you can not remember how it was.

Baby Book, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design

What can be better for a crafter when you are asked to create such kind of projects. I still adore sewing teh covers, so I combine papers and fabric in one.

Baby Boy Book, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design2

It’s not easy to make something for the boy tender and sweet , and with no flowers and lace at teh same time, however I am searching for the new ways

Boy Baby Book, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design1

Some die cut negatives and hot air ballons – and yes, it still looks boyish

Baby Girl Book, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design1

Thus I tried this way for the baby girl book too and it seems it still looks cute

Baby Girl Book, by Elena Olinevich, Maja Design 2

Hope it’s a pleasure for your to craete for the little ones too, as Vintage Baby collection is really sweet.

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  • Oh my goodness this is so cute. I admit, I´m a softie, when it comes to babystuff, but this is really really cute and sooo beautiful. Stunning work here, that´s for sure.