In our Sofa, Welcome to Rachelle’s Scraproom

Posted by Rachelle Sigurdson

11 October, 2014 -

Hello & Welcome to my Scraproom….


I started scrapbooking in 2002,helping out my middle son,Erlendur with his grade 12, language arts “Memory Book” project. At this time I had never heard of scrapbooking, but this was how all the girls in his class, were doing their projects! So Erlendur asked his friends where to get supplies & got the info on scrapbooking. I worked with the photo’s (matte & paste,added stickers,ect.beginner self taught scrapbooking), Erlendur did the writing. I worked out of plastic bins,that I stored in the spare bedroom,& dragged into the kitchen. Little did we know,that Rachelle had found her passion!!! I got addicted to scrapbooking,& of course to the supplies.My front room,living room,dining room was never used,so I decided to change it into my scrap space.


I had a friend custom make, my work station. I stand to scrap,so I had him build me a island,with lots of drawers. It is in the center of the lowers area,with easy access,to all of my supplies,in drawers, or in the boxes, on the selves…..


Shows the other side of work station,with more drawers. Behind are paper racks,in the last couple years I have been 99% working with Maja Design papers,but I have not purged any of my old paper. I use the old paper as a backing on my LO’s, for extra support..

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A photo taken from the opposite side of the room. This room is just off the front entrance of our home,& right next to the kitchen. There are 3 large windows facing south. The lighting over the work station is a pool table light….

19acc60a-971f-43f5-9d5b-d48b5b622ff6_zps0152422d (3)

This is the raised area of the scraproom,that holds my computer, photo printer & more shelves & boxes for storage…

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More views of the upper level…

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05c6f125-2abf-494e-be37-f713230668be_zps004ae199 (1)

Upper over looking the lower level…


I decided to decorate my room, with my late sisters Art. JoAnne was a year younger then me,born on the same day. She passed away about a year before, I got into scrapbooking….

9e7a2938-00e1-4ceb-a3ee-de9ededa65be_zpsab649f40 (1)

I painted all the boxes blue,then scrapbooked them with JoAnne’s Art. I also labeled the boxes….



Shows 12×12 framed LO’s using JoAnnes Art…



Yes, I do have a sewing machine, I have had it for years but still have not figured out how to thread it,so instead I spend hour’s hand stitching…




OK,I need to admit something! I have my scrap space, but I still can be found, at my kitchen island, scrapbooking!!!!The center & social area of our home!!!! Cheers & Happy Scrapbooking….Rachelle


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  • Pam Ellis says:

    I have been waiting for this for a long time lol! I once saw Rachelle’s room featured in Canadaian Scrapbooking Magazine and fell in love! I was inspired and extremely jealous of that room and her garden! I couldn’t find that copy of the mag but saw you were featuring scrap spaces so I sat back and waited patiently. I love Maja papers and use them a great deal as well. Many of my DT projects for SATW are with Maja papers. You both inspire me! Thank-you. Today I sit with my poor black lab who is more than likely going to be put down this week. I have been heartbroken and lost. Sleepless nights are common but for today for a little while I sat with my coffee and totally got lost in your post! Thank-you! To Maja Design for making the best product ever! and to Rachelle for inspiring me with her work and her lovely room! All the best! 🙂

    • Hi Pam…just want to give you a Hug for what may lay ahead…It is such a sad time when we have to let go and say goodbye to our beloved fur babies…May you have peace in your heart when the time comes…Big, Big hugs from another Dog/Cat owned person…

  • Susanne says:

    Wow, what a nice room! And I love your sistens art and how you have put it all together, her art and your’s solutions! Cool!

  • Astrid says:

    OMG, when I first saw the photo, I thought Maja had opened a shop somewhere…
    Wow, what an amazing space, you are so lucky!! I love how you have used your sister’s art to decorate your boxes, what a wonderful way to cherish memories of her! This surely must be one of the most amazing studios I have ever seen!

  • Oh my Rach, I LOVE your room when I opened this post on my phone last night I showed it to my hubby & said look honey she has a store not a scrap room! He loved it too! It has a really relaxing flow to it wow! What a great way to honor your sister did she scrap too? Was she the one that got you hooked? I love your work just a question how long do you work on one layout?? Thank you for showing your beautiful space hugs Amy 🙂

  • I have had a glimpse of Rachelle’s room before, but this is even better and more in-depth…no wonder you are able to produce all those amazing art pieces Rachelle! Also love the wall of fame in the kitchen with all your work…gorgeous!

  • mm Maja Nowak says:

    You have a gorgeous studio, Rachelle, worthy of a true artist that you are 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! I am totally gobsmacked!! This is spectacular!!! What a fabulous place to work and so organised too, simply amazing!! Love that you’ve used your sister’s art to decorate, it is stunning!! Absolutely fabulous Rachelle!! ox

  • Thanks for sharing your amazing creative space Rachelle, it is beyond stunning. So light, spacious and beautifully organised. It must be a joy to create in such harmony. Your creativity with Maja products is inspirational 😀

  • jen waugh says:

    Rachelle, you have the most amazing scrap space, the best i have ever seen. I love what you did with JoAnne’s art, a beautiful tribute to her xxx

  • Anita Hogan says:

    Ah Rachelle, can we please swop? I love everything about your scrapspace and stand in awe for what you did with your sister’s art. What a beautiful memory!!!

  • Camilla Lilliesköld says:

    Wow!! I’m not jealous.. Not at all.. *blink blink*

  • Jennifer Snyder says:

    Oh my goodness – Rachelle, when ya gonna invite your dear Maja friends for a visit to scrap and chat and laugh???? What a magnificent warm home. I also love how you have managed to keep your sister so close to you every day.

  • barbara macaskill says:

    I dream of the day that I have my craft room looking like this!! What a dream it must be to have so much space to create and store your goodies in!! I am slowly getting my craft room the way I like it. It may take me years to complete it but it will be well worth it when it is done!
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous space with me!