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Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

4 October, 2015 - ,

Hello Everyone <3

Today its me, Silje Kristin, that will inspire you <3

You know, here in the north of Norway, the autumn weather really put hes roots. I’m home at my home place, this weekend to visit my mother and my younger sister. My sister are just so wonderful, she’s amazing and I love here <3 She has taken me out every day to enjoy the great colors that are outdoors in this loong walks. Next week my sister get operated in her both ankles, so this time with her is so important for me <3 And about 6 week she can walk again <3.

This Sunday, I wanted to show you two books that I have decorated with beautiful paper from Maja Design, The Vintage Spring Basics collection <3


I browsed through all the pattern sheets in the series, and picked out 4 pink and 4 blue sheets that fit together. Once I had decided the pattern paper, I started to building it up layer by layer. Before I put them on, I glued several stripes with white ribbon on the cover of the books.

On the top of the pink book, I have attached two large pink buttons, with a double bow. Atop of the bow, I have attached a smaller pink button, with a bow and a small pink bling.

In the bottom corner, I have 3 pink heart buttons, everyone has a bow, with a pink bling on top.

The letters with the word Girl on, they are letters from Prima. All the letters are made whiter with Wink of Stella Brush, white.

Since I whant these books to stand out a little, I have chosen to decorate with small blue roses, in between the pink and the white flowers.

On the Pink book, the floers are from Wild Orchids and Prima. The scellet leaf, i have paint withe some white acrylic paint. In betwin the flowers, I have used details such as safety pin, Baby pacifier and a metal from Prima, with the word baby on <3

The blue book, is very similar to the pink. The main difference is that this book is blue, and made to a little baby boy <3


On this book, the buttons are blue in the top corner. The buttons are large and have a double bow. On the top of the bow, I have a floral button with a smal bow and a blu bling.

In the bottom corner you can see that I have used 3 round blue buttons with a patterns on. The buttons have a bow and a bling.

The word Boy, are glued to the light blue ribbon, here are also the letters made whiter with Wink of Stella.

The flowers on this book are blue and white. Since I have blue roses on the pink book, I have used small pink on this book.

I’ve used the same details on this book, in between the flowers.

Now you have seen my two baby books <3

I wish you all a good Sunday, and I send you alot of Inspiration to you <3




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