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24 December, 2014 - ,

Merry Christmas!!! Today I am going to share with you, a Christmas stocking card that I made for a very special lady in Sweden, Marie. Marie is the Designer, of all the Beautiful Maja Design Collections. This is going to be a long post, as I did a tut on the stocking,plus added another couple projects, I did using Maja Design…..00e2cc664544471dbe9a197e332ca150
I have a longer supply list on this post, as I decided to do a tut. It may be confusing (LOL),but I took the photo’s in the order as I was working on this,missing a few here & there!!!  I used the Vintage Frost Basics CollectionVintage Frost Basics

I used:6th of December,21st of December-BS,8th of December,20th of December-BS,Christmas diecuts & BS’s of labels

The Dusty Attic Chipboard used:Vintage Frame,Holly #1 2pk,ATC Frame #1,Lace Border #2 ,Mini Holly #2,All I want for Christmas,Marrakesh Trellis Small,mini heart buttons,Flourish #5,mini Lamp Posts,mini script ABC
Other products: Petaloo:Penny lane-forget me-robin egg blue,Burlap Poinsettias-Ivory,Spring Berry Clusters-Pink,IamRoses:Ivory semi open buds, Prima Marketing:Texture Paste- White Sand,Prima-Clear Crackle,Prima White Crackle,shabby chic treasures-door locks,& Audrey Flowers,Tim Holtz:Distress Glitter,Clear Rock Candy,Frosted Film,Pebbles chalk,Earth tones,Viva:modelling cream,pearl,Etsy ArtwearElements:Vintage White/Ivory Sari Silk recycled ribbon,Burlap,ribbon,pearls
Now,I will do a Tut on how I made this stocking….573e8c768f4b44b4b11723b0887a39d3

I started off  by drawing & cutting out the top & bottom, of the stocking on white cardstock. You can use any old paper,as you don’t see it…..3430fd4ed63c460dacf2f020b1c6e2ce
One of the pieces of Dusty Attic I wanted to use is this Vintage Frame,so that is one of my starting points,of designing around the frame….cb0ca81a37dd4c9a9a93785faf076fbb
I then traced &cut out the lower part of the stocking onto the piece of Maja Paper. I glued it onto the cardstock. I use 2 layers,because of my hand stitching. If you are not stitching,you will not need as many layers or backings….071b84cd39d84e49aa7ffe5b998ddbb6
I will first go through my scraps to see what I will use on the stocking…8a2fd201bacb45deae8760d7c1887a50
I traced & cut out the toe & heal of the stocking…768c8297ead44650aa83bc1733f784f8
I distressed the edges, & decided to use the Marrakesh Trellisbe7775813ef841e49a5970ff83ec585c
I glued the Trellis under the heel & toe,then trimmed off the excess…6cfdf83e9eda47c28293611f3f4b9b3f

I glued the Santa onto Dec 20th-BS, cut it out then distressed the edges..569cb2d58909479fa7182ff2ad6e826b
I will also hand stitch this…4d37f68bee6940eca6a02caf9115aef1
Theses hearts are the hearts that are dangling from the ribbon, I glued 2 hearts together with a piece of chain in between.88e02efa49bc446e86d2a7aa1db19307
Then I clamped them together until the glue dried…..6afd73bc311a44d68c362b660553b83a
I have now stitched the outside edges of the Santa. I covered the inside part of the Vintage frame with 21st of Dec. I  covered the top part of the stocking, I glued some lace on,then hand stitched the top & bottom,leaving the sides until I stitch the stocking together…The piece of chipboard is a piece of the lace border,left over from a project I did before this…3fda548f258b4af683aaf8c71a2567a1
The BS of the top part of the stocking….ef9e2f3e6e334dd08ae140023ea6d5fa
Now that I have the top just about done, I placed it on top of the lower part of the stocking,to decide what else I wanted to add….6daa8f75a7e6474c9f9765262270e8d3
So, this is what I decided on….75ff669b3c0b419b83445a13ee95efe9
I painted the Frame with white crackle,then once the crackle dried I brushed on some brown chalk,to bring out the cracks,then inked the edges,using a brown ink pad….41bae14ccb3943b783dab986b6ccb96d
I decided to do the frame, as I did the lace,I painted on a thick coat of clear crackle,onto the paper,then attached it to the BS of the frame, (the crackle will act as the glue) then sprinkled on glass glitter & TH glitter while the crackle was still wet….fa31f40198ed4084b2896cf949ea486c
I used the TH frosted film over top the images….c99fb5b8a5b44a28985bc61c6c2f3704
I glued the BS’s of the label, onto this piece of paper,then cut them out & distressed the edges….0b37705dd03243bda42a08a07d870a39

I glued a piece of burlap, onto the top part of the stocking….b214feb2f3104c739b6736736abceeef
These are dry now,so I gave them a coat of cloudy blue paint,let that dry,then I applied a thick coat of clear crackle,sprinkling on the glass glitter & glitter as the crackle was still wet…These will have to dry,then I did the BS the same….81c5d97448274c5683dd383c253dbf44
I punched in some eyelets,did some lace work,secured the door locks with brads. I also glued a piece of burlap on the BS of the stocking…485d2cdfc95a432db3e6872cf7af3d9a
I am now gluing the top of the stocking on to the bottom….c9cd6c36b0694530890743af96659410
I put weight on it as it dries…c510f3489ec24aaab7cb5df0de2c75c3
I finished hand stitching the stocking,the glued it on to the 20th of Dec -BS,distressing the edges…I also added the frame & flourish’s. I did the same treatment to those as I did to the frame….ae895a1711164968a64bb38442637088
I used white sand texture & glitter on the outside edges….61b7755f81ca49af97310adff2d6f393
I used the Viva on the flowers to tone them down,it also adds shine….

Here are some closeups of detail…696656169135484080c3be76f2c0d8e8
Now, for the final touches.On the left side,I made a bow using recycled ribbon,I love it,as it is already tattered & distressed.I then glued on the Petaloo burlap flower, the holly chipboard & the berry clusters..3362327ee5974fc5b28c3e31901532de
I also used the Viva on the rose buds.My flower clusters consist of Prima Audrey Collection,Petaloo Penny Lane-robin egg blue,I am roses Ivory semi open buds & Dusty Attic Mini Holly….5c7d4a7967c3480490d6b24b2d3b7222
I frayed the burlap that I was working with to mix in with the ribbon & to sting beads & tie on the dangling hearts. I also used the frayed burlap for the lacing…115f6036d1b546518524d0d9678b9495
I did the same treatment on the bottom part of the title. I used white sand texture733acd5af2a5406ca80c22b4a6c94521
Added pearls to the Marrakesh Trellis5091acc6e30d4bbdba96709d3ef0b25e




Here is a LO I did using “A Gift for You”693885f4ceb848619552a9d345f8474c
From “A Gift for You”,Made by Me-BS,Hand written postcard,My dear Friend-BS,from the Frojdefull Jul Collection I used Ringdans, Rindans-BS, The Chipboard used is from Dusty Attic….
Here are some closeups of detail…f6dfe334436a441481d60ae116935af7
For the “red” used on all the chipboard, I used red pepper alcohol ink,then applied a coat of crackle & sprinkled on glitter while the crackle was wet…. For the “white” used on all the chipboard I used Prima white sand texture, I sprinkled on rock candy glitter,or pearl glass glitter,while the texture paste was still wet….5fbbbb8de18d46138db7d9fe8120e4c8

The poinsettia’s are petalloo.I sprayed them with a clear,matte varnish,then sprinkled on glitter,then I applied the white sand texture to the outside edges….30f9775b95594334a7aa4980b80e5a2f



The berry stems are Petalloo…28678129dde5473b9d2085e847df63e8

This is a Prima flower,that I altered. I applied the white sand texture to the outside edges,let dry. Then I sprayed it with varnish,& sprinkled on glass glitter,& rock candy glitter..de3d8b15f6cc4a608d4daf3ca9f894ce
I had extra left over from my LO,so I decided to make a card…9e01e900fa44405388629eb31928292b
The Maja Design used: A Gift for You Collection,Handwritten Post Card,My dear friend-BS,Die cut sheet, From Frojdefull Jul, I used Vavd lopare-BS, the chipboard used is from Dusty Attice504a039e18b4f8ab6e9aa3ed6d492ad
Here is another card I made using the Vintage Frost Basics Collection…5070037ddaf541368947edb18d039772
I used: 1st of Dec,1st of Dec-BS,3rd of Dec,&21st of Dec-BS,the chipboard is from Dusty Atticd1cfa361db3040e4bbcaa5113d8890ef
Thank you so much for taking the time to look. Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas & all the Best in the New Year…..Rachelle

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