My Special Christmas Present to Myself

Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

27 December, 2015 -

Merry Christmas Everyone <3

I have today a special story I whant to tell you all, a true Christmas Carol. A Christmas Story that is all abute the Christmas Joy, that I give to a group of people who do not expect much from others.

December the 22th and 23th, I hand out 86 homemade Christmas card to the elderly living in nursing homes around in my municipality Gildeskål. A   smal town in Northern Norwa, with a total of 2014 inhabitants.

This story is not abute how the cards looked like, but what the represented, who they are to and what I wanted to accomplish when I give them away. I whant to spread some Love and Joy bu creating homemade cards and give it to someone who appreciated it <3

I and a friend who lives her in Gildeskål, made a total of 86 Christmas cards, that are 10x10cm. The cards are made with paper from Maja Design, a Christmas collection called Gammaldags Jul.

The economic is sponsored by a local business here in Gildeskål,

All of the cards have a personal greeting inside. There is also a stamp text on the inside, with the first text to an old Norwegian Christmas Song, Tenn Tusen Julelys <3

December 22th I was giving out the cards to the residents who lives in the nursing home here in Inndyr. Total 64 cards was hand out.

The basket I use is a basket that my grandmother made. Ann – Mari Aunan was a wonderful lady. One of the thing she liked to do was to show care and understanding for people. For me to go around and share the cards with the basked she made is indescribable.

The first lady, that I give a card to, is 84 yers old, and we just call her Lillemor <3

On the day before Christmas Eve, I and a friend took a trip to the other two centers for the elderly in Gildeskål, Sandhornøya and Nygårdsjøen.

On my little journey before Christmas I met people who where happy, without words and people who showed emotion in tears and a hug <3 These are meories I can take with me the rest of my life and memories that are helping me to make more projects like this in the future <3

I hope this will inspire more people to do somthing for the elderly in the areas we live in. Just think of how good we have it and who’s fault it si. In this way we can make so many people happy around the globe with the hobby we love the most. Cooperate withe big and smal business in the town we live in, we can do so many big and small projects. Whether it is for the elderly or for the kids hospital. The possibilities are many and there are only the wishes that sets a stop on what you and I want to do.

This was my personal Christmas present to myself and it means so much more than all the gifts that was under the tree this year. For me to make someone happy, just with a homemade card, it is everyting <3

I wish you all a Merry Christmas <3


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  • Autumn says:

    What a wonderful post and fabulous idea! This is a wonderful tradition that I may have to borrow. May you be truly blessed by your kindness.

  • Gina says:

    I have great respect for you,I also have being working by olther people and I know THE feeling when iT is Christmas for them
    THE are Many people who haven not once a visite or a card for THE birthda!!!
    And That make my so sad when I now this everwrybody diserf a Hugh or somewone to talk too bhad not everwry one get That chance so once again on Christmas day and days after you have Many people glad.
    I’am glad in there place That you make time extra for this people who is alone and sad you have making there day.
    I hope That you understanding what I mean to say becouse i’am from Belgium and write is not so easy somethimes.
    Many Many thanxxxx
    Mvg Gina Bloyaert
    May Gog blesseert you for your lovely cards That you have created!!

    • mm Silje Kristin Aunan says:

      Than You, Thank You so much for your LOVELY comment <3
      I hope you have a great start in the new Year <3

      Hugs from Norway <3

  • Myriam De Nobele says:

    Hello Silje, this is a wonderfull initiative you took. We forget sometimes that there are people feeling lonely during these long dark days. And Xmas should bring warmth and happiness for everyone. I totally agree that the smiles and hugs gave you so much more than the presents under the tree.
    To you, your family and the community I wish you all happy hollidays and a fantastic 2016!
    A FB friend from Belgium

    • mm Silje Kristin Aunan says:

      THank You so much <3 I hope you have a great start on the new year <3

      Hugs from Norway <3

  • Corinne says:

    C’est superbe et dans l’idée et dans le geste et le temps que cela t’aura prit entre la création et la distribution de tes présents. Félicitations et Bravos. Bises

  • Martine Van Hee says:

    i work in a house for old people as a nurse
    and i know what you felt when you give these cards to this people
    i know so well the emotions…
    i am so proud to work for this people who need us so much

    happy new year!!!

    • mm Silje Kristin Aunan says:

      Thank You so much Tine <3 I hope you get a great start on the new year <3

  • Pam says:

    What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • Barbara says:

    Reading your blog entry put a smile on my face. You created a wonderful memory for these elderly people and yourself. Your grandmother is very proud of you. And you demonstrated the true meaning of Christmas. God bless you.

    • mm Silje Kristin Aunan says:

      Thank You so much Barbara <3 I just love chrsitmas and if I can give som joy to some people, just with a card, I will do that <3 This was so fun for me to do <3

  • marci piraro says:

    Lovely thing to do. Older people sometimes have outlived their family and friends, so there is no one to remember them. It was very kind of you to make and deliver the cards with your grandmother’s basket( which is beautiful).

  • Hi Silje Kristin, I find your idea very great that you have been in this hospital, to please so many people. The evidence really of great charity. And you have made so many people happy. Your cards look quite wonderful.
    Alles Liebe Petra

  • Susanne says:

    Vilket fint initiativ! Verkligen omtänksamt! Gott nytt år!

  • Kathy Grigas says:

    Oh your cards are beautiful! What an incredibly gracious thing you do for others. Your grandmother’s basket looks gorgeous – she would be so proud of you! Your gesture is so inspiring. Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year Silje! God Bless.