Painted Medallion…A Tutorial

Posted by Andrea Ewen

11 April, 2013 - , ,

Hello Maja friends! One thing I love about this obsession, er, hobby of mine is that I get to play with paper. I absolutely love to find new ways, either by my own accord or gleaning from the mega-talent that’s out there (like my team mates!) to manipulate paper into something beautiful.Today I’m going to show you how I make medallions, and how, in getting inspiration from others, you can add a bit of pizzazz to the design. First, here’s a look at the finished product:MajaCApr1113I‘m using Maja Design’s Vintage Spring Basics for my theme. I’m in love with the soft yellows of the March papers. To start, you need a scoring board, stylus, paint brush, pearl paint and coarse glitter. Cut a 1 & 1/2″ inch strip off of 12″ patterned paper. I used 1st of March-bs paper. MajaApr1113aScore paper at 1/4″ increments. I make the pleats a little bigger so that the glitter will be more visible.

MajaApr1113bAccordion fold paper, but not too tightly because we have to paint it and add glitter.MajaApr1113cPaint about 1/2″ inch from the bottom. I do this so that the white fades to soft yellow going towards the center. Be generous with the paint because…MajaApr1113dWhile it’s still wet, we’re going to sprinkle it with coarse glitter.MajaApr1113eGlue the ends together to make a circle.MajaApr1113fI use clips to hold it in place until the glue is dry.MajaApr1113gI attach the paper to cardboard so that it holds up better. I don’t want the paper to pop up from the card, so I also use lots of glue. I have tried hot glue in the past but not only do I burn myself everytime, it’s messy and I don’t have as much ‘play with it till it’s right’ time.MajaApr1113hNow I attach that whole panel to my base.MajaApr1113iI want to cover up both the seam and the middle so it looks like the color fades in then out.MajaApr1113jThis is what happens when you sneeze while sewing. Good thing it’s a shabby card because then it looks like I did this on purpose. 🙂MajaApr1113kI use EVERY PART of my Maja papers, including the name strip. This ‘post card’ paper is the back of the 1st of March sheet. I layered that upon a strip of the front of said sheet, then a piece the backside of the 7th of April. I added a little pearl to the middle for interest.MajaApr1113l

Another pretty thick card, you’re going to need a box and a wee bit of extra postage to mail this one.MajaApr1113mAncillary details are the Zva Creative flourishes, lace/button/hemp accent and the cluster of flowers at the bottom. I also accented both the card base and the medallion with White Opal and Buttercup Liquid Pearls.

MajaCApr1113Thanks for spending some of your time with me today…I hope you’ll try this out!


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  • Andrea, thanks so much for sharing your tutorial. I admire your creativity and attention to details, and am always excited to see your next creation when posted on –
    Fran (Quick Silver)

  • mm Elena Olinevich says:

    I love your cards too, and this one is not an exception. Thank you for sharing the tutorial. I have to try it too

  • It’s so much fun watchng one of your beautiful cards come together Andrea!! Love your tutorial!! and the card is a stunner! xo

  • a great big WOW! from me!!! this is absolutely incredible!!! and thank you so much for sharing the details!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

  • Ivana Camdzic says:

    My heart skips a beat seeing all these beautiful spring-y colors! The yellow is such a refreshing touch! Loved your awesome tutorial, too!!

  • Rachelle Sigurdson says:

    Wow!!! Love it,so inspired!!!!

  • Jenny Grotherus says:

    Absolutely fantastic card. I just have to try that tutorial.