The Wedding Vows

Posted by Silje Kristin Aunan

13 June, 2016 -

Good Morning Everyone, and thank you for visiting the Maja Design Blog 🙂

I have in the past few weeks think about weddings and the ideas just come by themselves all the time. I feel inspired to create several different weeding projects, filled with Romance, details, bright colors and love. 

The project I am going to show you today is actually taken from one project I made ​​a little while ago. Today I’ll show you some paper bags  made ​​to the Bride and the Grom. I also made ​​a step by step in pictures, which are published in my blog tomorrow.

The paper sheets I’ve used on the bags are from Maja Design’s new collection Vintage Romance.


I have used two sheets in a blue tone and two papers in a pink tone. Both sheets are similar in pattern, only the color that separates them.

Happy Ever After

Happily ever after

Together Forever

Together forever




Just You and Me

Just you and me

I have not done so much with the paper sheets, the only thing I have done is to use a pair of scissors on the edges to make them worn. This is to make the project a little more Shabby Chic.

The idea of ​​doing the front with a girl and a boy, came when I found one set of dies from Frantic Stamper – Silhouette Kids.

These are just so cute and fits just as perfect, if you want to make something romantic. I have intentionally used the boy on the front of the bag that is in pink and the girl on the one in blue. 

The idea is that the bags may have the marriage promises. In the one from the man, in the pink bag as a gift for the woman, and the one that is written by the woman is a small gift to the man. This is also a great way to preserve the vows <3

On Back of the bags is the other one. What I mean by this is that the blue bag with a girl in the front, there’s a boy on the back side and on the pink bag it is a boy.

Each of the bags are decorated with flowers, rings and Embossing powder. 

The pink bag with the boy, has pink and white flowers, a lady ring which is braided of white woks tread and pearls.

The bag in the blue have the same details, only that here there is a larger ring and instead of flowers in pink, these are blue. The flowers are from Wild Orchids and Papirdesign.

If you looking through the silhouette of the boy and the girl, you can see the promises that lies inside of the bags. This Paper sheets is also from Vintage Romance, and called Words of Love.

On the back side of the bag, you can see that the bag are closet with a large bow, with a lage white button. The great thing with this bag is that it is not necessary to open the bow to have something inside the bag. You can do this at the bottom of the bag. 

Both the boy and the girl are embossed with white powder from Ranger. Here I have tried to bring out some of the color underneath, so it gets a little pink on the blue bag and a little blue on the pink bag. 

I’ve also made ​​it so that the back of the bag with the girl on, it’s a boy and vice versa on the other. This I have done because I wanted it to be a boy and girl on both bags, as a couple.

On the front I have also used white Embossing powder to create an special effect and I want to bring up some of the items that I’ve used on the back of the bags. 

The half pearls are created by Nuvo – Crystal Drops, the color I have used is called Ivory Seashell. These bottles are absolutely wonderful and come in many beautiful colors. I really recommend them.

Now I have shown you my bags with the wedding vows, a romantic way to preserve the romance <3



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