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Posted by Elena Olinevich

11 October, 2015 - ,

Hello Maja Friends.

The more I work with Maja papers, the more I realize how much I love all the collections.

However, it is difficult to find the most favorite of mine, but I guess that each collection is made for a special season. Fall is the season of cooking for me. The harvest is a reason that is why I adore Autumn too.

Most of the recipes I save to the Pinterest boards ( though it’s quite rare when I check for them ). Actually what I really like to note and keep in my books – the desert  recipes, cakes, pies, cookies – well the quantity for them is needed to be checked more than twice.

That is why I made a special cook book for them

FikaBook_Main_ElenaOlinevichI distressed the paper sheets in coffee, so all of them have the gorgeous coffee smell while you are looking through the pages.

So I made 4 embellished pages, to separate the different kind of recipes.

FikaBook_ElenaOlinevich1I found some cute images on Pinterest and added them to my pages

Fika1_closeI really can not imagine making the cozy cook books without adding the fabric and stitching to them.

MajaFika_Book2_ElenaOlinevichI added a clear mug and put the mint leave and a spoon inside

FIka_close2My next pages are with yumy berries – adore those patterned papers

FikaBook_ElenaOlinevich7I made some pockets and envelopes inside:

FikaBook_ElenaOlinevich_BerriesInsAren’t they are beautiful?

yammy_berries_sneakFikaBook_secondB_ElenaOlinevichMajaFika_Book6_ElenaOlinevichApples are one of my favorites too, so there are some papers with them too

img_1743FikaBook_Maja6B_elenaOlinevichMajaFika_Book4_ElenaOLinevichSome more flaps:

FikaBook_ElenaOLinevich4BFika_close4And the last 2 pages:

MajaFika_Book_ElenaOLinevich7MajaFika_Book_last_ElenaOLinevichThere is more space to hide your notes and recipes into the vellum pocket:

FikaSneak_ElenaOlinevichAlso I prepared a video clip, so that you can look through the book for more details

Hope I have inspired you not only to craft but to cook too.

Have a wondeful week end.

Products used:

Ska vi ta en fika collection – Kaffe tack!, Chockladmuffins, En kopp te, Cheesecake, Blommor pa bordet, Två Fröknar, Mandelkaka, Hemgjord saft, Plommonkaka, Hemma hos mig, Björnbärskakor, Björnbärsrutor, Våffla m. björnbärssylt, Marzipanbakelse, Pratstund, Havrerutor, Favoriter, Smulpaj m. äpple, Blåbärspaj





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  • marci piraro says:

    Love the recipe holder book. It is beautiful, with so many details. I will come back to watch video later.