Vintage Autumn Love – Wooden Block Set

Posted by Jennifer Snyder

13 October, 2013 - ,

Hello and happy Sunday.  Jennifer Snyder here to show you some decorative blocks made from the gorgeous Vintage Autumn Basic Collection.

Love 800

I love the Maja Design Vintage Autumn Basic collection.  This is a wonderful warm collection that celebrates the vintage side of the Autumn season.


Each block is about 4 inches high and uniquely decorated.  The wooden blocks were painted white first as were the individual letters.  Then each letter was covered in Maja.

The “L” and “V” letters are covered in  Vintage Autumn Basics XXII  BAS645


The “L” block has a layer of lace on the block, and the gate was made using a gate stencil and molding paste on an acrylic transparency sheet.  By using an acrylic transparency sheet, I was able to cut around the molding paste and then glue the gate form to my block – thus having the effect of a free standing gate on my block.

What am I talking about?  Simple…the blue Maja paper in the background is just there to make my block stand out so you can see it better.  My blocks are not mounted on the blue background paper.  My gate is clear except for the parts that are stenciled in white molding paste.

I also used a piece of chipboard behind the flower and added pearl floral berries.

Love close2 800

Maybe you can see what I mean in this image.    You can faintly see the outline of the gate stencil on the acrylic.  A white stencil on a pure white background – phew!  Hard to photo for the internet.

Love close6 800

The “O” is covered in VAB XVIII  BAS641 seen below.  This is a very delicate design.


This block has been stenciled first with molding paste before the letter was glued to it.  The top of the block also has a piece of chipboard, some flowers and pearl berries.

Love close3 800

The “V” block has a layer of lace, a chipboard butterfly, and more stenciling over acrylic as a background.

Love close1 800

The “E” has been covered in Vintage Autumn Basics XXI BAS644.  This block has been stenciled with molding paste and adorned with pearl berries, flowers, lace and some punching in Vintage Autumn Basics XII BAS635.

Here are the papers.  Just gorgeous!



Love close4 800

Now this is what the blocks look like without the blue background.  As you can tell, the acrylic stencil backgrounds do not show up, which is why I decided to photograph on the darker background.  But this image below shows how feminine and delicate the blocks are.   The acrylic stencils look even better in person.

Love close5 800

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope your Sunday is wonderful.  Please check out Maja Design and “LIKE” them on Facebook.

Supplies: Vintage Autumn Basics XXI BAS644,Vintage Autumn Basics XII BAS635,Vintage Autumn Basics XXII BAS645, Vintage Autumn Basics XVII BAS641, Stampendous Shabby Aged White Embossing Enamel/Aged Aqua, Ranger Ink It Embossing Ink, Prima Stencil – 550042, Prima Stencil – 569419, Prima Flowers Audrey C 571573, Lace, Floral Berries ,Molding Paste, Acrylic transparency sheet, Blue Fern Chipboard – Regal Ornaments, Blue Fern Chipboard -Brigitte Butterfly Set, White Gesso

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