Vintage Winter cards

Posted by Evgenia Petzer

27 August, 2016 - ,

Hello dear friends! Its Evgenia Petzer with you today.

Yes, you read it write- some winter cards in the end of summer…

Sometimes it just itches for me to start creating something certain, this time I just needed to create some christmas cards. And The Vintage Winter is one of the oldest, but still my favourite winter Maja collections. So I pulled the paper pad from this collection and made two these cards just for fun.


Lots of layers n both of the cards, lots of little details, some stitching with contrast color cotton thread…

vintage_winter_Card1_majadesign_petzer_det1 vintage_winter_Card1_majadesign_petzer_det2 vintage_winter_Card1_majadesign_petzer_det3

Though the second card is exactly from the same collection its in another color scheme

vintage_winter_Card2_majadesign_petzervintage_winter_Card2_majadesign_petzer_det1 vintage_winter_Card2_majadesign_petzer_det2 vintage_winter_Card2_majadesign_petzer_det3 vintage_winter_Card2_majadesign_petzer_det4

One of my favorite winter/christmas collections of all the times:

To create both of these cards I have used the paper pad of this collection.

Have a lovely sunny weekend,

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  • Even though I must confess, I feel it´s a little weird to make christmascards here when we´ve finally got some real summerweather, I also know only too well, that we soon have to think serious about them, if we need to make many before christmas, and you´ve done such an awesome job on these, and they´re just beautiful. I also just love this collection here and use it over and over every year, and it´s one of those, I just NEVER hope will go out, as I LOVE it so much. You´ve done an amazing job on these cards and they´re just soooo beautiful, and those who´ll get these are definitely in for a real treat.