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Hello,I am here today to share with you a LO & a shadow box I did, using a couple of Maja’s amazing collections….e2c3b95e-6aac-4f77-a1b8-fe0da3192ecf_zps853a0547

The photo is of a friends daughter,that she took in my garden…I used the Vintage Spring Basics Collection for this LO….Vintage-Springr-Basics-P1

From the Collection I used:1st of May,2nd of May-BS,8th of March-BS,3rd of May-BS,7th of May,8th of March-BS & a BS of a label. The chipboard used is from Dusty Attic. Here are some closeups of detail….26fbb1ae-6935-4676-8d4a-a150bf0b923b_zps4a8eb1ac

I used walnut stain, then a darker ink pad on the skeleton clock. On the alpha,birdhouses & the leaves, of the vine boarder, I used picket fence crackle & once that dried I rubbed in & inked the edges with pinecone versa mark. I left the stem of the vine boarder raw,but put on dabs of liquid accents, to glue on seed beads….b328df13-747a-4198-988e-e36a7d129e92_zps35152791

The resin zippers are from Prima & the flowers used are from I am Roses & Petaloo (forget me nots,soft pink)…..0a669fab-7dde-4f5e-9c6d-a6dd197883fe_zps3e39c767

I love how Kelly blurs her subject….53d1e90f-dce1-425b-931c-f634af4fabe9_zps60753541

I did a lot of fraying of burlap,& I believe this was Prima Ivory Burlap, that I was using. I hope it was because, I through out the package,before I discovered, how much I loved it. I am going to order the ivory burlap again & hope it is the right one….b892ac6c-875b-4cf2-8e93-2ab1106e402e_zps541a7cec

Shows some of my distressed, hand stitched layers. I used seed beads on the flowers on the paper….75765bf8-2afd-4017-8e53-a8fbb6216bce_zps57637e99

In these next 3 photo’s, you will see my main piece of frayed burlap. I cut out my paper,then glued it onto this piece of lace. I then glued the lace & paper onto the burlap (I used to pieces of burlap, the darker under the lighter, the way the threads go length wise). Once the glue dried I did my hand stitching. I then cut the burlap into the shape of the paper & the lace,leaving length.With my paper pierce, I frayed the burlap. You can now see,how much I love it, it is because of the two different colors & textures of thread….cc563739-fc3a-4953-a7f4-0442b7bc49d3_zpsf7242dc0

My next step was to put some seed beads,onto the frayed burlap. I put a tiny bit of liquid accents, onto the end of the burlap & rolled it with my fingers. I then slipped on the bead & used another drop of accents, where I wanted the bead to stay….30b6912f-9e74-4c12-9661-624570d8fe5c_zpsf6e9f826

Here is my next project, a shadow box,it was a lot of work & took a lot of time, but it was fun to do….901136fd-c855-418b-a9d4-e8dca45969c2_zps622aca11

I used the Vintage Autumn Basics Collection…….Vintage-Autumn-Basics

From this collection I used: No.II,No. X-bs,No.I, No.II-bs,

The chipboard used is from Dusty Attic. Here are some closeups of detail….1c106deb-a116-41cf-afbc-bd6a419a3049_zps47275b03

I used picket fence crackle, on the vase, on the fine detail area of the vase, I used liguid pearls (platinum). I then tied a ribbon around the vase, glued some tulle on the inside,added some rosebuds,bling & pearls. The rose buds are from I am Roses. I cut the candles off the other chandelier,so I was able to use the other piece over top this chandelier. On the base I used brown Spectrum noir (EB7), I find it very close to the brown used in the Maja Collections. I the applied rock candy crackle,& once that dried I rubbed in a gray chalk. I painted the candles with LuminArt’ rose petal & when that dried I applied liquid accents. I used gold liquid pearls on the flames…..1e02a93e-4c8d-4661-b208-31dee59057b2_zps922d5292

As soon as I saw Jenny’s LO,using the Audrey Collection from Prima, I put in a order,so happy I did, I love this collection.A close up of one of the flower clusters,using the Prima Audrey Collection, I am Roses,Dusty Attic Vine boarder,ribbon,pearls & bling….1fa2d106-1207-4e5b-bde5-1be8eae3d324_zps13c15418

I cut out my stockings, out of card stock. I then cut out little pieces of the Maja paper, I was working with & inked the edges,then glued those pieces, onto the card stock stocking. I also glued a piece of lace onto each stocking. I then glued the stockings onto a piece of ribbon,then attached this to the fire place….7a0a4522-f708-43b4-8093-059c018c5772_zps6a507b94

A top view of the shadow box, it shows the depth, the shadow box is 2 inches deep. It is a Graphic 45 12×12. The front of the shadow box was also 2 inches,so I cut a inch of all the sides of the front….


Another flower cluster. I still worked with the Maja papers as I would as working with a LO,I distressed,layered & hand stitched……343f144c-9aa0-4feb-898e-afff2c8e264c_zps6d123b6b

I glued the brick panel,onto cardstock,before I started to work with it. There is detail, on the brick panel,that I did not want to loose. I then stained the panel with walnut stain. My next step, was to cut out my pieces, for the front of the shadow box & for the fireplace. I will explain the front of the shadow box first. After I glued the brick to the front of the shadow box, I applied rock candy crackle to the brick, & once that dried I rubbed in gray chalk. I used 2 coats of Martha Stewart texture effects for the mortar.Once the mortar dried I rubbed on some platinum liquid pearls, to tone down the white…b51dee7b-3220-42e5-9a74-a34f5b7b7cfe_zpsdef38cf3

Another close up of a flower cluster….f6bda55e-2d9d-447a-a9bf-cd3006cb3c84_zps840683f3

I used a old little jewelry box,for the base of my fire place. I cut the top part off a DA door for the front. I used the DA columns for the sides of it. I did the same to the brick as I did to the front of the shadow box. I used 5 layers of corrugated paper to raise the floor. I cut out little pieces,of the left over, to make my presents that are wrapped, in the Maja  papers I was working with…..3049bd2f-4f32-4a4b-8dd9-10e9eb4b889b_zpsffb535e6

The Christmas tree,with presents,& little teddy bear buttons,that I changed the color to match the pink in the paper…Here is how I made the tree….618ceb7a-a268-41a8-8b92-7fa61a170b23_zps5e28a791

There are 5 trees in the Christmas tree package # 2,I worked with all the trees,a couple you saw on my last Mood Board Post. I used the largest one in this shadow box. I first dipped the trees in warm water,I let the chip board adsorb the water,then peeled off the top layer (there are 3 layers).ca5bf0e8-e0e9-48a1-8ed5-5a8e5024516e_zps2c1b362e

Shows 2 layers…81fda91f-17ad-45f0-b28f-0c63f3c48f41_zps777a970d

I cut the next 2 layers together,then separated those layers…3ae08e25-f81c-45d6-9c51-7132d2c4cacd_zps5dbabee6

shows the 3 layers….c5dbff7d-24a8-4871-a7c6-479084fb4961_zpsef88b005

I painted the bottom 2 layers with gesso,& the top layer with picket fence crackle….I only used a drop of glue, in the center, so that I could lift the layers208021a2-dd23-4305-90eb-2d1f6737f8d9_zps6d10d2be

Once the picket fence crackle dried, on the top layer, I applied Martha Stewart Texture Effects to the outside edges….b0c723ed-f517-465b-8492-3de0fa32900e_zpsea2a8d3a

I then glued the top layer onto the bottom 2 layers. I filled in all the open spaces (as you see in the photo above) with texture effects….d8c24006-82fd-4b2f-809c-9202da85e034_zpsc0478f2d

I then sprayed the tree with acrylic sealer,then glued on some seed beads & pearls…70d75165-65cb-487c-898a-869b567cdac6_zps38f44786

For the tree I did in the shadow box,I also made a garland out of tulle & a strand of pearls…da753b19-e493-4d31-b792-b8e3383a46ad_zps2e143baa

Shows the tree before & after….2ab6430d-44e3-4c2f-8334-22f05ef23703_zpsd796229b

Because I had about a inch of corrugated paper on the floor, I was able to use pins or whatever, depending on the of the pieces I was going to place in the shadow box. For the tree, I used the thing you tie up turkeys with. I first glued 2 pieces of chipboard down,then the pin in the center..


I then glued another piece of chipboard on top of that….ba45017d-c1f3-40af-afd9-4c85ea9a832d_zps812363f3

Thank you so much for taking the time to look….RachelleRachelle-sign (2)

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