Calendar for a boy.

Posted by Paulina Monasterska-Tronina

29 June, 2017 - ,

Hello our blog fans. Today I would like to show you something a little bit different. It is a calendar/notebook for  a little gentleman to write down his first words, add his first drawings. It will be a place to capture the moments, memories and a keep it until he’s teenager.Calendar for a boy


I bought a simple base and decorated the cover. You will not see here the flowers cause my idea was to keep it as simple as  possible. This project will be use for the next year and I hope it will survive. When it’s full I will create next one.  I just felt in love with the idea.

Calendar for a boy I used the paper from the Vintage Baby Collection. The colours and design is just perfect for a boy 🙂

Calendar for a boyCalendar for a boyCalendar for a boyCalendar for a boy Calendar for a boyHope you will like my idea. Here is the paper used to create this project :



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  • Sooo soooo sweet and beautiful, and what a great idea, as we always talk about all the things, we should´ve written down, but never got to, and when we need them later on, we just can´t remember all the small funny things, they said at first, so this is a fabulous idea, that I´m definitely going to “borrow”, hope that´s okay?. A wonderful project here, thanks sooo much for sharing it.

  • Paulina Monasterska-Tronina says:

    You’re welcome ! It made me smile 🙂 I’m really happy if you will create any project inspired by me. I’m looking forward to see your creation Maryann :* Hugs, Paulina